Workshop in Deaf Geographies
Field School in Deaf Geographies
Queen’s University (Canada)
Bader International Study Centre
Herstmonceux Castle
12-14 July 2013


The staff and students of the Field School in Deaf Geographies would like to warmly invite you to attend the first international Workshop in Deaf Geographies, 12-14 July, 2013, hosted by Queen’s University (Canada) Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in Hailsham, East Sussex. The Workshop will bring together student and professional researchers who are experts in the field, and is open to all those interested in the intersections of Human Geography and Deaf culture, community, and history.

Research into the Geographies and Historical Geographies of the Deaf community has recently emerged as one of the most exciting, developing areas of Human Geography. Drawing together questions of embodiment, communication, culture and belonging, Deaf Geographies ask what these fundamental building blocks of humanness look like through the eyes of a community who perform their cultural and social geographies in the visual.

The event will be interpreted between spoken English, BSL, and ASL, and is specifically designed to provide a balance between academic discussion and social interaction.

Workshop attendees are welcome to stay in on-site accommodation or register for day attendance. Overnight accommodation, including meals, is available at the very reasonable rate of £10.50 per person/£15.30 with spouse (VAT incl), per night. Places are limited. Please register before Friday, 28 June.

Day attendance includes lunch and dinner at the day rate of £4.80 (incl. VAT). Participants will need additional funds for personal spending, insurance, and transport to/from Herstmonceux Castle. You are welcome to attend without reserving a place, but pre-registration is preferred.  Day rate fees may be paid on arrival.

For those of you too far to attend in person but would still be interested in participating, please consider joining us virtually that weekend. We are taking the conference to the web via the Blackboard Collaborate System. Pre-registration is required for that as well. If you are interested in joining us virtually, please contact us at deaf_geogs@bisc.queensu.ac.uk with the email address you would like to log-in with and we will send you an invitation. Virtual attendance registration will be available until Monday, 8 July.

The workshop schedule is below and the pre-registration form is attached. Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues you think might be interested in participating.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Castle.

Mary Beth Kitzel


by Mike Gulliver

It's not often that you get the opportunity to shape the entire research direction of a university department... However, that's something that's happening at the ILRT in Bristol, where a wide ranging re-deployment of staff and of mandate means that the department that I work in has begun to cast around for new avenues to explore.

Voilà... up goes my hand (metaphorically) with the proposal that a Special Interest Group be set up to look at the way that humans interact with technologies... Not very exciting or innovative (or relevant to DEAF space) you might think until you consider that things like the Internet are not just 'there'... they have been designed with preconceived ideas in mind about how humans behave, and the skills that they have.

For example, have you ever noticed just how much of the Internet is 'text' based... and that 'text' is assumed to mean words... like the ones I'm writing now... and then wondered how much of that 'text' is inaccessible to those who (in the UK at least) have been failed by the education system?

... that's the content... and then there's the medium. What would the Internet look like if it had been invented and pursued by DEAF people?

OK... the SIG's not even off the ground yet, but there is already a feeling that it offers DEAF space yet another way to fundamentally challenge some of the taken-for-granteds of the hearing-authored world.

Watch this space...


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